Contact a marital settlement agreement attorney today. I, Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law, can help you understand your options and walk you through the possibilities for reaching a marital settlement agreement in your case. A reduced fee initial consultation is available, along with flexible appointment times. Please call (336) 509-0183.
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Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout the state of North Carolina, mainly in Guilford County in Greensboro and High Point, Forsyth County, Randolph County, Davidson County, Alamance County and Rockingham County. However, Bonnie Rossi also represents clients in other counties such as Catawba County, Chatham County, Scotland County, and Hoke County among others.
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Marital Settlement Agreement Lawyer in Greensboro

When attempting to resolve a family law matter, there are a numerous methods to explore. I am Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law and I am fully dedicated to helping my family law clients achieve a successful resolution to their cases.

Litigation is often expensive and time consuming. Therefore, before resorting to litigation to reach a resolution in your divorce and/orother family law issues, I encourage my clients to utilize other forms of dispute resolution in regard to their marital separation, divorce, and/or custody settlements. The two main types of dispute resolution that I use are listed below. Please contact me to discuss these further.

4-Way Settlement Conferences

During a 4-way settlement conference, my client and I will sit down with the opposing party and his or her lawyer to discuss the terms of a possible settlement in the case. These meetings are conducted professionally and respectfully, with the parties cooperatively working toward a solution to the case. This form of alternative dispute resolution is much less expensive than litigation and allows clients to control the time-table during which the settlement is reached. You do not have to worry about being scheduled on a judge's calendar, which may prolong a decision in the case.


Though I first attempt to utilize a 4-way settlement conference to reach a marital settlement agreement, mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution that can be equally effective for my clients. With the help of a certified, neutral mediator, it is possible to reach an agreement that is in your best interests. Much like a 4-way settlement conference, mediation can be an efficient and often cost-effective way to resolve any divorce-related disputes, such as property distribution and alimony.